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Passion 189

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Reply       Seven Rain, March 27th, 2014, 2:59 pm

HURRAY FOR SHIT NO ONE CARES ABOUT! Okay so blahblahblah once again making some small changes behind the scenes.
I don't remember if I gave a run-down on this, but the comic's structure was settled on a while back to go Season > Arc > Chapter, with the 1st/2nd Arcs consisting of two chapters and the 3rd consisting of one, and those three being the entirety of Season 1.
Well basically Passion has turned out so long and the events will become so different later that I've decided to chop it up into two chapters that will now make up the 2nd Arc, with the 3rd now having two chapters as well.

What does this mean...? Well, nothing really. Other than the oft-mentioned Ixis and Ixal rematch taking place in the following chapter instead of Passion, (but this won't change how soon it happens, it just means Passion is ending sooner.) That and a new theme for the 2nd Arc due to the current theme being something I imagined more for the last stretch of the Season. "Better Life" will now be the 3rd Arc's theme and I'm gonna toy with different options for the 2nd for a while.


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