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Passion 131

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Reply       Seven Rain, November 13th, 2013, 3:35 pm

Rev is a tricky character to draw, but at the same time refreshing since I've yet to draw much of him.
Honestly I intentionally avoided drawing him because I wanted to improve as much as possible before trying to tackle a man with half of his skull exposed.
And I must say; It paid off. I'd hate to see myself attempt this back when I first conceptualized the character.

Oh, and now that he's revealed I can share a little fun-fact: There was originally two characters in Ara's "shadow." The other was named Tome, and was Ara's brother.
(Of course, there will be an explanation later on for how Ara has a person living within her shadow, as well as explaining why Rev isn't... Y'know, dead.)

In the end though, he was cut, as was a chapter about the three. I simply had to purge him and the chapter to shorten WOE a bit. Don't feel bad, though. He was quite literally a dull, emotionless character. The shtick was that Rev lost his face while Tome lost his heart.

As for the chapter being cut; Ara and Rev will still play a decent role in the story as a whole, and although it's been rewritten a bit from the original concept, they still have a conclusion.

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Reply       Seven Rain, November 14th, 2013, 2:20 am

Oops! Yet another little screw up, forgot to finish Lowel's hair in that bottom panel, haha. Fixed now. I hate how often little things like that slip through...

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